12 Living Room Ideas for Men

Your home has to have a nice atmosphere you and guests can enjoy. What’s one room you spend a lot of time in? The living room probably! Whether it’s watching sports or lounging, it’s a place we all relax in on a daily basis. The following are 12 living room ideas if you need some design inspiration.

Imagine having all of your friends over in a place like this. Sectional sofas add tons of space for comfort and kicking back. The fireplace gives warmth to the room while you enjoy your favorite movies.

A modern and sleek layout with the staples. Couch? check. Television? Check. Working table? Check. This is great layout for working and being productive. It’s easy on the eyes and has a relaxing vibe.

Very homey. Some times you don’t need much in your living room to make it great.

White walls and hardwood floors go beautifully together. This layout has lots of space to move around and add whatever you want.

Another homey living room. A sectional sofa sits beside windows that give you a perfect view of the outdoors. If you have a lot of nature surrounding your house, consider going for something like this.

Makes you feel like you’re tucked away in a cabin, right? Comfy chairs with foot rests and lots of wood accents are key.

Modern, fun and vibrant. This living room/work space uses white and blue to contrast together. Using colour combinations like this is sure to boost your mood.

A great use of neutral colors like brown, white and grey. Open ceilings give it a new age feeling.

Steve Jobs would be proud. This living room has large windows that make you feel merged with the outside world. Sleek hardwood and wood accents add to its sophistication.

Who said you need to use a color scheme and be perfect? Living rooms like these have a lot of personality to them. Add your favorite furniture, paintings and items to make your own unique look.

A snazzy and cozy appearance. This is a classic hardwood, stone and wood accent approach.

Now this is how you style a cabin. It only makes sense to keep the wood look going from outside to in. Cabins are a place to relax and have fun so let that flow into how you place everything.