6 Items Every Man Needs to Have in His Wardrobe – Guest Post

Do you roll out of bed with rumpled clothes and stumble to work without ever giving a thought about what you’re wearing? It’s time to make a change! Maybe the thought of putting together a wardrobe is daunting to you. It shouldn’t be.

Believe it or not, by adding some essential items to your closet, you can easily add some style to your wardrobe. Best of all, you don’t have to break the bank to do it.

When you add to this the fact that dressing well influences the perception of your success and authority in the workplace, dressing well should be a no-brainer. Consider adding these six items into your wardrobe today.

#1 –  A basic t-shirt

It’s such a simple place to start that you may chuckle, but you shouldn’t.

The classic t-shirt, properly fitted, is the essential building block that your closet needs to start with. Paired with jeans, shorts, or even a suit, it can morph into whatever you need it to be.

Best of all, this wardrobe staple is also the least expensive addition you’ll make to your closet. Just be careful to make sure the fit is right: not too tight and not baggy.

For this reason alone, don’t buy t-shirts bundled in packages. Try the shirt on to ensure you have the perfect fit before you make the purchase.

#2 – Timeless dark-washed jeans

Picking up a nice pair of darker blue jeans is a smart direction to continue your journey of building your closet. They can function well in both casual and dress casual settings.

Although jeans with holes, rips, and stains may be trendy, they won’t serve you well as a wardrobe essential. If you enjoy streetwear and casual outfits though, it’s fun to have a pair or two.

With the many different types of fit available (like skinny, regular, and loose), you may want to try several different kinds to see what looks best on you.

Best of all, a well-made pair of jeans can be found at prices that are kind to your wallet.

#3 – A tailored suit


Like a pair of jeans, a well-tailored suit will give you several options. Not only can you wear the suit, but depending on the need, you can also split the pieces up depending on the occasion.

The prices of suits can vary widely, from fairly inexpensive to as high as you’re willing to pay. However, you don’t need to spring for a high-priced custom suit to have a custom look.

If you buy a suit off the rack, make sure you have measurements taken and alterations made so that the fit is perfect. Here are some tips for the perfect fitting suit:

  • You should be able to close the buttons of your jacket without it feeling tight or hindering movement.
  • The shoulder seem should run right over your shoulder bone, not hang off.
  • Shoulder padding should be kept to a minimum to avoid it looking puffy.
  • There ideally will be a half-inch of dress shirt visible beyond the cuff.
  • Your jacket should land on the waist.
  • Collar sits firmly against the collar of your dress shirt.
  • Trouser break is subtle or is completely tailored depending on preference.

These are all little things to look for when tailoring a sit to get it just right. Remember though, these are just rules and rules were mean’t to be broken! Do what makes you feel best.

#4 – Comfortable shoes

Utilizing different types of shoes is a great way to show some personality. Maybe you have a taste for exotic men’s shoes? How about casual athletic shoes? Maybe basketball sneakers? Shoes can become part of your trademark style.

Consider Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, who is famous for wearing sneakers with his suits. The right pair of shoes show off style and success at the same time.

Having a few different pairs to rotate through is wise. This why, your wardrobe becomes very versatile. A few styles is all you need. We’d recommend:

  • Dress shoes like oxfords.
  • Casual dress shoes like loafers.
  • Casual footwear like sneakers.
  • A sturdy pair of boots.

These four will keep you looking and feeling great, all year around.

#5 – A classic wristwatch

You may be asking yourself, “Why do I need a watch when I already have a phone?” The answer has more to do with form than function. If all you’re trying to do is tell time, of course your smartphone will be up to the task.

However, your phone can’t show class and attention to detail like a wristwatch can. You can go with lower-priced models like Fossil that have great looking designs or a more expensive watch that makes a bold statement. The choice is yours.

These are some common watch styles and how you can pull them off:

  • Dress watch: Characterized by a leather band and simple face. Perfect for work, formal occasions, and dressing up. Match the metal accents to others in your outfit, such as loafer bits for example.
  • Chronograph watch: A more casual watch that is ideal for the outdoors and relaxed outfits. Typically a bit chunkier and heavy.
  • Dive watch: Originally made for deep sea diving. Think Rolex. While you probably won’t be wearing one for deep sea adventures, they will catch people’s attention and look very stylish.

#6 – A stylish belt


Finish off your look by making sure you have this staple in your closet. Although belts can be very expensive, there’s no reason to invest a large amount of money on a stylish belt.

Find a belt with a more neutral look that is neither too casual or dressy. You can always pick up both a brown and a black belt for more options, but avoid reversible belts.

Remember to always match your belt to your shoes. This is a classic style rule that will subtly improve any outfit you put on.

Author bio: Lynn Lewis is a freelance writer and personal stylist based in Los Angeles, CA. She has clients throughout LA, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood. She loves writing about fashion and accessories. In her free time, she spends her days roaming boutiques to find the newest trends to bring to her clients.