Most Affordable Breitling Watches – Bang For Your Buck

Founded during 1884 in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, Breitling is a famous watch maker now headquartered out of Grenchen. Their watches are composed of 100% Swiss components and certified chronometers are fitted into every model. Like Rolex or other luxury brands, Breitling is a cornerstone of your success and achievement, not just something fancy to put on your wrist. It’s something you can always be proud of, knowing you worked hard to treat yourself. You don’t have to break the bank to get your hands on one of these magnificent watches though, so today we’ll look at the most affordable Breitling watches.

An Overview of Breitling and their History

In 1979, a man by the name of Ernst Schneider bought Breitling from the company’s original family. Schneider’s family then owned it until last year in 2017 when it was sold to CVC Capital Partners for close to $900 million. 20% of the company’s stake is still in control by the family though.

Instead of creating their movements in-house like many big Swiss brands, Breitling originally outsourced them to producers like ETA or Valioux. In 2009, that all changed when the company developed their B01 self winding chronograph movement. It is used in the Chronomat 01 and Navitimer 01 models.

All of Breitling’s watches are fitted with certified chronometers which assures quality and precision standards. Their watches were typically marketed towards aviators and divers. Odds are you won’t be scuba diving or going to space with one of these nowadays but rather collecting them. A Breitling watch has a distinct look with beautifully polished cases, bracelets and large faces.

The famous Navitimer model that was made for pilots had a circular slide rule added to the bezel for extra function. The AOPA(Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) even offered a version of it in the 50’s and 60’s to its members.

Breitling is out of this world. Literally. Because one of the original astronauts, Scott Carpenter was a huge advocate for the brand. He approached Breitling and asked them to implement a 24 hour dial since you can’t tell night and day in outer space. The collaboration was a success and Scott wore the first Navitimer model with a 24 hour dial in his 1962 space flight. This then lead Breiling to make the Cosmonaute Navitimer model.

Most Affordable Breitling Watches

Breitling Colt Automatic.

The Colt Automatic was originally intended for the armed forces so it’s built to last and have real world function. The glareproof sapphire crystal window is surrounded by a satin-brushed bezel and four rider tabs. The black dial and 44mm brushed steel case create a polished look that will match with many of your outfits. Luminescent hands and marks means you’ll always be able to tell time regardless of lighting.

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Breitling Colt Quartz.

A brown leather strap and 44mm brushed steel case give this quartz watch from Breitling a much dressier appearance. Its sapphire crystal window is both scratch resistant and glareproof.  The bezel can be rotated in either direction and the hands/markers are luminescent. It also has a date feature and the special SuperQuartz™ movement, 10 times more accurate than traditional quartz. When you’re a punctual man like yourself, every second counts.

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Breitling Superocean II 44.

A beautiful and sturdy 44mm satin brushed steel case surrounds an even more aesthetic blue dial and bezel. It is water resistant upwards to a depth of 1,000m or 3,300 ft. The markers and hands area enhanced with a luminescent coating so you can always read it easily. A security valve assures that the pressure on the inside and outside of the case is always optimized. Along with the certified self-winding movement it houses, this is a functional yet stunning watch to own.

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Breitling Men’s Galatic 42.

An innovative timepiece that combines style, performance and durability. The Galatic 42 was created with aviators and mariners in mind so it is designed to stand the test of time while giving you many uses. The trademark logo with anchor and wings symbolizes that anything is possible while wearing a Breitling watch. It’s composed of a stainless steel case and bracelet with uni-directional rotating bezel. The silver dial and fine texture blends in with the rest of the watch for a streamlined appearance. The 3 o’clock position features a large display window so you always know the date.

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Breitling Men’s Avenger II Seawolf.

A powerful look with even more power inside it. The Avenger II Seawolf is an analog, automatic watch with a 45mm case. Scratch resistant sapphire crystal will stop you from ever tarnishing the window as you go throughout your day. Backed by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute, you are guaranteed to have one of the most accurate and reliable timepieces to date.

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Breitling Aerospace.

Compared to some of the other models from Breitling, this is actually a bargain. The original Aerospace model boasts a brushed titanium case with leather bracelet. A grey dial blends in perfectly for a beautiful appearance that doesn’t jump out too much. A glareproof sapphire crystal window means you can always tell the time, it’s also scratch resistant so don’t worry about damage. The digital time display is what really makes this watch stand out.

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