Allen Edmonds vs Alden – Who Has Better Shoes?

Choices, choices. When it comes to men’s footwear there’s no shortage of brands and options. It can seem like a good thing but some times you can feel overwhelmed and can’t make a decision. Today we’re going to help you out so you can finally decide on a new pair. The competitors facing off? Allen Edmonds and Alden. They are two very popular and high quality shoe makers so we don’t blame you for being on the fence. We will be looking at a few different factors including material, comfort, pricing and more.

Allen Edmonds vs Alden

Allen Edmonds

Based out of Port Washington, Wisconsin, Allen Edmonds was established in Belgium during 1922. Unfortunately it wasn’t the cool Belgium in Europe but rather Belgium, Wisconsin(Kidding of course). They have 50 retail stores in 28 states while also operating in Italy and the Dominican Republic. A lot of their original success came form supplying troops with shoes during World War II so if you respect the military you’ll appreciate that.

Allen Edmond customers are known for their loyalty. Normally the shoes aren’t replaced but rather restored, making them last for many years to come. The company even offers to rebuild shoes including replacing the sole, heels, reapplying finish, and more.

Allen Edmonds Material
  • Allen Edmonds uses high quality leathers that are breathable, repel moisture, age beautifully and hold shape well.
  • The design team is constantly searching for premium hides across the globe to improve the quality of their shoes.
Allen Edmonds Durability
  • 360° Goodyear welts are stitched around their shoes sole. This is a very strong strip of leather that joins the upper and sole that increases durability tenfold. Your shoes could last so long you’d be passing them onto your children when they grow older.
  • Every shoe is required to pass a thorough quality control inspection.
Allen Edmonds Comfort
  • Between the insole and outsole, they place a layer of shock absorbing cork. Your feet form an imprint on the cork which means every step is comfortable and soft. It shapes to your feet along with the leather to make a full experience.
Allen Edmonds Price
  • You’ll probably be spending at least $200 for a lower end model which is still high quality, long lasting and stylish.
  • They have many shoes that exceed the $400, $500 and $600 range for the gentlemen serious about investing into their footwear.
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The Alden Shoe Company has been around for almost a century and a half, founded during 1884 by Charles H in Middleborough, Massachusetts. During the 19th century, shoemakers in New England were abundant but Alden stood the test of time and is one of the few that remains. They specialize in handmade men’s shoes including oxfords, boots, loafers and more.

A fun fact about Alden is that their model 405 boots were Indiana Jones shoe of choice in the films.

Alden Material
  • Alden uses cordovan leather shells that are a century old method of vegetable tanning and hand finishing. The process takes up to six months to complete but the result is a beautiful, soft leather.
  • They also have calfskin leather shoes which is another type of leather renowned for its looks and lifespan.
Alden Durability
  • Expect a pair of Alden shoes to last 10 to 20 years with proper care.
  • High quality leather that ages well along with good stitching and soles gives their shoes great longevity.
Alden Comfort
  • Alden shoes feature a cushioned footbed so your feet feel like their walking on clouds. If you need fashionable shoes that feel great to work in all day, Alden should be a runner up.
Allen Edmonds Price
  • Handmade shoes of this caliber won’t come cheap so you’ll be looking at spending around $500 for a brand new pair of Alden’s.


Both Allen Edmonds and Alden have three things in common which are comfort, looks, and quality. The one thing that separates them is the pricing since you can get Allen Edmond’s in the $200-300 range but you’ll dropping around double of that for Alden’s.

Who do you think offers better shoes between the two brands?