Berluti Shoes Review – Material, Comfort and More

Handmade shoes have a special feeling to them. Every pair is carefully crafted to perfection by master shoemakers. One of those shoemakers whom are renowned worldwide is Berluti. They specialize in creating men’s ready-to-wear clothing, accessories, bags, wallets and most importantly bespoke shoes. For our first article of 2018 we are going to be getting into what makes Berluti shoes worth the price, background knowledge on the brand and recommend products. Lets jump into it.

Berluti History & Background

Alessandro Berluti founded the Berluti company back in 1985 which was later run by Olga Squeri. Almost a century later in 1993, LMVH conglomerate group purchased Berluti. If you don’t know who the LMVH group is, you may recognize some other brands they own:

  • Louis Vuitton.
  • Moët & Chandon.
  • Hennessy.

Berluti then acquired the Paris fashion house Arny’s in 2012 which helped launched their menswear collections. Last year, which sounds strange as 2017 was literally yesterday, Business of Fashion included Berluti in their list of 16 companies you should work for in the fashion industry. At the moment their creative director is Haider Ackermann following Alessandro Sartori. The brand has worked with notable people including:

  • Frank Sinatra.
  • Joe Pesci.
  • Robert De Niro.
  • Dean Martin.

If you want to look as classy as Frank Sinatra did, you may want to get yourself a pair of Belruti shoes.

Berluti Shoes Review

Every pair of Berluti shoes takes 250 steps to complete them. Yes, 250. If that doesn’t show that love and precision goes into the shoes you get from them then I don’t know what will. You aren’t just buying a mass produced shoe anyone can get, you are purchasing what Maitre bottier(master shoemaker) Jean-Michel Casalonga would call a work of art.

Lets break down the key areas you’re probably already thinking of when buying a new pair of shoes:

  • The materials: Berluti shoes use a wide range of materials including premium calfskin leather, venezia leather and suede. They all will age well with time and of course with proper care. Calfskin and venezia leather specifically form well to the shape of your foot and have great durability. Suede requires a bit more upkeep but has a beautiful aesthetic that’s worth the effort.
  • Pricing: Since these shoes are for the gentlemen that are serious about their footwear collection, you’l be spending at least $1,000 to get yourself a pair. The value comes from the 250 steps that are taken to create every shoe along with the finest materials and construction methods. When you slip your feet into a pair you’ll agree they are worth every penny.
  • Comfort: With cushioned insoles and leather lining(some including suede), your feet will like they are sleeping on a bed. Berluti shoes aren’t just made to look stunning and attract the eyes of everyone nearby but also to make you feel like a million bucks.

We’ve said the same thing about similar brands like Paul Parkman and Mezlan which is shoes like these are an upfront investment to save you money later. You won’t be buying new pairs every year when ones from Berluti will last you a decade or two. You can be confident knowing your hard earned money is going towards something of prestigious quality and heritage.

Berluti shoes to consider

Berluti Brown Leather Brouge Wing Tip Oxfords.

Brown brogue oxfords that will impress anyone that lays eyes on them.

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Berluti Brown Leather and Suede Derbys.

Brown derbys accompanied by a unique suede leather trim. The suede lining will keep your feet feeling great all day.

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Berluti Black Leather Brogue Loafers.

How often do you see brogue loafers? Not very often! If you love unique footwear then you’ll appreciate these black penny loafers that feature a medallion toe and broguing on the tongue.

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