Best Military Haircuts for Men – Inspiration and Styling Tips

A masculine and clean hairstyle that works on any gentleman is the military haircut. Seen in films and throughout history, it’s a low maintenance style that you should give a shot.

As you could probably guess too, it has a military origin. It’s very commonly worn by men in the United States armed forces. Short hair is typically required for military personnel as long hair can get in the way of training.

Ahead you’re going to pick up some inspiration on military haircuts and learn how to style them. Take some notes and get your razor out!

Best Military Haircuts for Men

#1 – High and Tight

The classic military cut we all know and love. All of the hair on the back and sides are clipped very close to the skin. Usually a #1 guard(1/8th inch) or even shorter is used. This is done all the way up past the temples, hence why “high” is used in the name.

The top portion of the hair is kept very short as well, typically no longer than 1/4th of an inch. Usually there is little to no fading done with this style, which is why it’s called “tight”. Since there’s little hair to style, it’s low maintenance and feels great.

#2 – Induction Cut

The induction cut is also known as the “buzz cut” or standard issue military hairstyle. It’s simple and straight to the point. It’s defined as the shortest possible haircut without a razor.

This is a great style for men with thinning or balding hair, too. It’s regimented and clean, as the same length is used all over. Every guy can pull this off and it feels especially great during the spring or summer. Grow it out a bit if you’d like a less intimidating look.

#3 – The Military Sidepart

A military sidepart was normally worn by high ranking officials throughout history. It has a certain authoritative appearance to it, making you look powerful and high status.

It’s relatively straight forward too. It’s a standard military haircut in the sense that the sides and back are clipped very short. A razer may also be used. Past the temples, it’s faded into a slightly longer length. On top, an inch or so is left to be combed over.

Paired with some nice facial hair, this style will be getting you non-stop looks from the ladies too.

#4 – Military Undercut

Who said you can’t keep it a bit modern? The military undercut takes the best of both worlds and mixes them together.

The undercut is a style that was popular back in the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s. It’s popularity tapered off but it has gained a ton of attention in the last few years. Several inches of hair on top are swept back with the sides and back shortened. It’s classy and neat.

This version of the military haircut uses a lengthier top with a tight back and sides. When there is no fading and it’s kept tight, it’s called a “disconnected” undercut. Do it with a razor, get it clipped, whatever you prefer!

#5 – The Ivy League

If you want to look like you just came from your Harvard economics class, this is the way to go.

This is a preppier style that is gaining popularity in the military and navy. It’s essentially a crew cut with a bit more length. Overall, it’s formal and neat. You can’t go wrong with it.

Styling Military Haircuts

Alright, you just came back from the barber and you got yourself a nice military haircut. Now, how do you style it? That is the million dollar question.

It depends on what style you got exactly. If you went and got yourself an induction cut or high and tight, you won’t need to do much. Just keep it washed and moisturized. For the other styles, here’s what you can do:

  • Sidepart: Styles with a sidepart look awesome when styled sleek and damp. To achieve this look, pomade will be your best friend. This product helps create a shiny appearance that suits this style perfectly. Try keeping your hair a bit wet before styling it too if you’d like.
  • Undercut: There’s tons of options here. For a neat look, take the same approach as the sidepart and use pomade. Distribute a small amount of product throughout your hair and comb it back. For men that want a textured undercut, use wax or clay to get certain strands to pop out.
  • Ivy league: You can play around and achieve many different looks with this style. The simplest thing you can do is not add any product and keep that standard crew cut look. Wax or paste can help add texture and give it a modern finish.

Not sure what style to get? You can always base it off the shape of your face. Certain haircuts compliment more than others depending on your face shape. Here’s a great infographic from Mens Hairstyles Today on exactly that: