Breitling vs Rolex – Watch Faceoff

Continuing off our Rolex vs Omega comparison, today we’re doing something similar.

In the world of watches, there are no shortage of good brands. This can make it difficult to choose just one.

That’s exactly why we’ll be comparing Breitling vs Rolex if you scroll down. Everything from materials to pricing and durability is looked at. Also, we included two nice infographics detailing the two brand’s histories.

Breitling vs Rolex


When it comes to affordability, Breitling wins right away.

Many of their watches, especially quartz models, are substantially cheaper. Rolex though doesn’t make quartz watches(at least, anymore) as their in-house, certified chronometers are the best in the world.

So yes, they are cheaper but that typically means you’ll lose some form of quality.


Certain Breitling watches are COSC certified just like Rolex. Their accuracy is within the -4/+6 seconds per day which is great. Their SuperQuartz models don’t tend to lose or gain more than 10 seconds per year. Since 2000, all Breitling watches are sent to become certified by the COSC.

ETA makes most of the movements that Breitling uses. Some say this is the biggest setback of the brand. While the movements from ETA are continually improving, they are not on par with in-house creations like Rolex use. Outsourcing this part of a watch saves both time and money. Are they cutting corners? Perhaps, but this allows them to put more energy into other components.

Rolex watches can boast a -2/+2 second accuracy rate per day. These models are awarded the ‘Superlative Chronometer’ designation. Many are at the standard COSC approved -4/+6 rate meaning their accuracy is actually equal to Breitling.
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Imagine this. You’re at work or out with friends. One person sees your watch and gasps. Next you know, there’s a crowd around you. “Where’d you get that watch?”, “What is that?” every one asks. You’re the coolest guy around.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But, watches like Rolex or Breitling will get you attention 100%. According to a study by Interbrand, Rolex is the 3rd most recognized Swiss brand but the #1 most known Swiss watch brand. How does Breitling compare? They are ranked as the 41st and 15th respectively. Not too shabby either.

Both these companies have their fair share of eye-pleasing designs. From two tone bracelets to bright faces, they will have people staring at your wrist. Statistically though, Rolex is much more recognized.

Resell Value

Which holds their value more? Whether you plan to keep your timepiece or sell it later, this is an important factor. Hands down, A Rolex watch holds its value better than any other luxury item in existence. If you take care of it, there’s a great chance it will be a profitable investment down the line.

Breitling creates incredible watches. There’s no debating it. Whether you buy one from them or Rolex, brands like these always hold their value. Take care of it and it will take care of you.


Rolex doesn’t joke around when it comes to durability. If you’ve ever held or worn one, you know that they are heavy duty. This is mostly thanks to the 904L stainless steel they use to make them. This type of steel is more resistant to staining, scratches, and corrosion.

Breitling watches have been taken to the moon and back. Scott Carpenter is one such astronaut who sported a Navitimer as he orbited earth 3 times. With timepieces made for men like him along with pilots and explorers, it goes without saying that Breitling watches are durable. Many happy owners say that they hold the test of time very easily.
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Pros and cons of Rolex

Rolex Pros
  • One of the most recognized brands in the world.
  • Hold their value extremely well.
  • A great variety of styles and designs.
  • Great durability.
  • One of the precise watches in the world.
Rolex Cons
  • They are going to be more expensive than Breitling.
  • Don’t offer smart watches or anything techy.
  • Very few rubber band strap models if you’re interested in one.

Pros and cons of Breitling

Breitling Pros
  • Durable watches with great function.
  • Offers smart watches such as the Exospace B55 model.
  • More affordable on average than Rolex.
  • Distress beacon and locator in case of emergencies.
  • You can choose the exact strap you want.
  • Special edition and limited edition models.
Breitling Cons
  • Don’t hold the same resell value of a Rolex.
  • Not as recognized as a Rolex.
  • Not as many flashy design that you could get with Rolex.
  • Uses mostly quartz movement made from ETA.

Breitling vs Rolex Verdict

When it comes down to choosing one of these watches, it’s pretty close. We’d say the first thing to consider is budget. If you’re looking for a timepiece that’s more affordable, Breitling is your best option. For recognition and movement, you can’t beat a Rolex.