Long Hairstyles for Men – Inspiration, Styling Tips & More

Who said men can’t have long hair? If you’ve gone through the lengthy process of growing it out, you can do whatever you like with it! Long hair is lots of fun and very versatile if you’re a fashionable guy too. Take a look at some of the following long hairstyles for men and try them out yourself.

Long Hairstyles for Men

The Manbun


Some have turned this hairstyle into a meme, but I think it’s a pretty nice style. The manbun is exactly what it sounds like, the hair tied back into a bun on top or more toward the back. If you have the length to pull this off, it’s really easy to maintain and you won’t have to worry about your hair being perfect. It’s mean’t to be a bit messy and casual so there’s no need to be too strict in styling it.

You can also opt to to have the sides and back shortened with clippers for a modern and young look. I even rocked this hairstyle for a few months back when I had the hair to do it. Men with more model-like facial features will probably look best with it.

Shoulder Length

Shoulder Length

The classic long hair style for men is one that is shoulder length. This makes it a bit easier to manage and it has a nice, natural appearance. You don’t need to go crazy with styling and products as it looks good just by itself. A high quality shampoo and conditioner is all you need for this style. Keep it straight



Some of you might naturally be blessed with curly or wavy hair. Others might have to style with products and blowdrying to make it so. Either way, a long wavy or curly style will have you looking like you’re from the cover of a romantic novel in no time. Make sure to use a good conditioner and moisturizing shampoo to keep it manageable┬áthroughout the day. To keep your waves or curls in-tact, try a light gel or wax.

Very long hair

Long hair

Extra long hair styles have added personality and statement attached to them. You have to be really dedicated to growing out your hair to reach this length. Having it perfectly straight doesn’t tend to be the best look on guys unless that’s what you personally enjoy. We suggest adding some texture and life to it by making it wavy or curly. Now go catch some waves, dude.

Styling Mens Long Hair

So you’ve finally grown out your hair and you’re wondering how to style it correctly. These tips should serve as a nice guideline to follow for maintenance:

  • Thin hair: Use volumising shampoos and conditioners to give your hair more thickness and life.
  • Thicker hair: Focus on using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners since your locks will require a bit more love.
  • Wavy & curly hair: Look for a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner as sulfate tends to strip away too much moisture.

Now, for styling:

  • Textured looks: If you’re going for texture, then a light wax is a good choice. They offer a nice amount of hold and can add a more matte appearance to your hair. Texturising salt sprays are another good item to have in your arsenal to achieve this.
  • Shine: Long hair is synonymous with shine and luxury which pomade will help you get. Don’t go overboard or you might look like you’re straight off the set of Grease.
  • Frizz can be stopped by applying moose to your hair if you find that is a problem that arises.
  • Try parting your hair on the side or middle for a simple and fresh look.
  • Get your hair trimmed on regular occasion just to avoid dead-ends.

At the end of the day, wear your hair how you like it! If you want a manbun, do it. If you want surfer hair, do it. The most important thing is that you’re confident. Make sure to keep a healthy routine of grooming your long hair to keep it looking awesome.