Mens Spring Fashion Essentials 2018 – Everything you Need to Look Great

You want to look good this spring, right? Then you need to have the right attire in your wardrobe. With all of the options for clothing and shoes, it can be a bit confusing trying to get it right. But forget about that. Today you’re going to figure out everything you need to look manly and stylish this spring. Sound good? If so, keep reading on.

Mens Spring Fashion Essentials

Mens Spring Shirts

Dress shirtThe spring is warm and on some days it can get pretty hot. This means you need lightweight and breathable clothing to stay cool as an icecube. Shirts are going to be an integral part of your spring wardrobe because of this. What kind of shirts you ask? Well, here are some ideas:

  • T-shirts: The first thing that comes to mind when you hear “shirts”. Short sleeve tees should hug the body but not be overly tight. If you’re a gentleman that works out from time to time, you’ll appreciate how it shows off your muscle. V-neck style is the way to go, leave crewcut tees for wearing under sweaters and what-not. You can wear t-shirts on their own or layer them under a cardigan if it gets chilly in the evenings.
  • Polo shirts: You don’t have to be playing tennis to sport these. Polo shirts are classy and in simple designs are very versatile. Throw them over some shorts with loafers for a timeless outfit. Good colours during the spring include include blue, white, gray, yellow and green.
  • Dress shirts: Linen, silk or cotton/polyester blend dress shirts need to be in every man’s wardrobe. During the spring and summer these are great shirts to have handy. Roll up the sleeves and a leave a button or two undone. On top of some chinos or shorts, dress shirts will have you looking dapper in no time flat.

Mens Spring Pants & Shorts

ShortsSince you can’t leave the house with no pants on, that’s next on the list. Pants and shorts during the spring are pretty simple but lots of fun. You can mix in tons of different colours and really show off your personality. Some items to consider include:

  • Chino shorts: For younger men, a slim fit will probably be preferred. Chino shorts in khaki, light blue, navy or white look plain awesome. You can pair them with practically anything and you’ll pull it off. Chino itself is a twill fabric but cotton blends or linen are also wise choices. For shorts you want to focus on good fitting and comfort most importantly. Ideally they should land just above the knee.
  • Jeans: Depending on the weather, jeans might be a good option. To stay cool, consider getting some distressed pairs because it will have better airflow. This is also a pristine time to bust out white or light blue wash jeans to match the spring atmosphere. You can never go wrong with jeans, low top sneakers and a t-shirt for casual days.
  • Chino pants: A.K.A khakis, chino pants definitely need to make it on your hit list for spring essentials. Khaki, navy, olive, white and lighter colours are recommended. With both chinos and jeans, try rolling up the cuff a bit for a laid back look and to cool off your ankles.

Mens Spring Footwear

So your shopping list now has some shirts and pants on it. Great! Next, lets look at what shoes you’re going to be needing this spring to look sharp.

  • Low top sneakers: For when you’re just kicking it or having a relaxed day, low tops are king. I recommend you try getting yourself a pair of white sneakers since they match with everything. Converse, Adidas, and Nike are some brands that come to mind instantly. Distressed jeans and a t-shirt is a nice outfit idea.
  • Boat shoes: For when you want to keep it casual but look a bit classy, boatshoes are a go-to. Typically they are composed of canvas or leather with a good rubber sole. A unique pattern is cut into the sole to specifically prevent slipping on wet floors, A.KA the deck of a boat. You don’t have to be sailing on a yacht to wear these, though it will make you look like you own one.
  • Loafers: Tassel loafers, penny loafers, what ever you want. Loafers are a nice middleground because they are very formal but can be dressed down easily. Brown or tan are versatile colour choices. Since you won’t have to worry about rain and water that much, don’t be afraid to get a nice suede pair. Throw on a pair with khaki shorts and a blue polo shirt.

Mens Spring Outerwear

For the most part, it will be warm during the spring but you need to be prepared for those cool days and evenings. Having a lightweight jacket in your closet to bring out can be a life saver. Here are some ideas:

  • Windbreakers: The universal lightweight jacket. Windbreakers are normally made of polyester or a blend which makes it thin and easy to wear. If you get your hands on a simple design, you’ll be able to wear it with more formal attire. For casual looks, a windbreaker will be right at home.
  • Blazers: Not a piece you can wear over everything but still worth mentioning. If you’re sporting a t-shirt or dress shirt on a spring evening, a blazer on top can add some easy style points. Stick to lighter fabrics like cotton blends or linen.
  • Hoodies: Another nontraditional piece to mention on the topic of outerwear but hoodies can be very useful in the spring. A simple zipper hoodie looks fine over a t-shirt, polo or even dress shirt if you can do it just right.  You don’t need anything overly fancy here, just a plain hoodie in a relaxed colour.

Mens Spring Accessories

RolexYou look down, your loafers are spotless. Your shorts are crisp. Your polo shirt is spotless and everything seems great. But, you can’t help but feel something is missing. I’ve been there many times and it’s because you’re forgetting some good accessories!

  • Watches: If there is one accessory every guy has, it’s a watch. They may not have all of the other things this list will mention but all men can agree, a good watch is a must. There are two kinds of watches you should invest into, a dress watch and a chronograph watch. A dress watch has a leather strap and a very simple face, perfect to wear with a suit or work attire. A chronograph on the other hand is bulkier and has some real function to it. They are great to throw on when you’re being active or have a casual outfit on.
  • Bracelets: Not everyone is a fan of bracelets but being into European fashion, I love a nice bracelet or two. Along with a watch, they add some nice texture and personality to your look. You can wear them on the same wrist for a stack or put them on the other so one isn’t left naked.
  • Bags: Depending on what your spring activities are, a bag can be a real treat to have. For work, school and similar, a messenger bag is ideal. They look classy and have all of the space you need to fit a laptop, papers and more. When you’re going on a hike, hitting the beach and activities like that, a simple backpack is key.

That sums up our mens spring fashion essentials. If you’re interested in being the sharpest looking guy this spring, get a few of the items we mentioned!