Mens Undercut Guide – Look Your Best

During the Edwardian era and the early to mid 90’s, the mens undercut was a very popular hairstyle. It is characterized by cutting the sides and back short(usually buzzed) then sweeping the length on top back. In recent years it has resurfaced again and it’s a great style that can improve the image of any gentleman. Today we are going to teach you how to style the mens undercut and give you some inspiration.

Mens Undercut Styles

Short & Natural

For the men that want a simpler and more natural undercut, this is the way to go. It requires less product and has a lower level of maintenance since you’re not trying to achieve a strict look. All you need for this style is approximately 2-4 inches in length. You can have the sides and back all one length for a disconnected appearance or get them faded. Sweep it back and let gravity and the wind take care of the rest.

Military Undercut

Some times all you need is the foundation which is exactly what the military undercut achieves. This uses very short sides(1/8th of an inch typically) with a couple of inches on top. It can be swept back, to the side, or even styled up. You probably recognize this haircut from the popstar Mackelmore.

Pompadour Undercut

Why not mix a little bit of Elvis into your style? This transforms both the pompadour and undercut into one to create a handsome look if you have lots of length on top. Get the sides as short as you prefer and grow out the top to sweep it up and back. Don’t be afraid to let some hair fall where it likes because it adds a bit of character and ruggedness.

Styling Mens Undercut

Follow these steps and you can get that perfect look every time you go to style your hair:

  1. Choose the style of undercut you want and get your hair cut at a barber. Think of how long you want it on top, if you like it messy or strict and if you’d like the sides faded.
  2. Wash your hair with a natural shampoo and conditioner then towel dry it but leave it slightly damp.
  3. If you want a very sleek look, comb it back and assure no strands are loose. You could also part it to the sides if you like. Pomade would be one of the best products to use for this style. Wax and pastes are good choices for natural, textured and messy looks. For those styles, use a comb and your hands to get your hair to sit just right.

That’s pretty much all there is to it, the undercut is a handsome hair style that doesn’t require much work to look good. For military cuts and fades you will probably be visiting your barber more to keep up that detail compared to more relaxed styles. Below are some recommended products that will help you style your hair better:

Murdock London Hair Play. Get it here.

Molding creme from Murdock London that will keep your undercut looking healthy and staying in place just how you want it. It’s perfect if you want a textured finish.

Patricks M1 Light Hold Pomade. Get it here.

Get that slick undercut look with this light hold pomade from Patricks. It adds a bit of a matte finish which is great for military and short styles.