Paul Parkman Shoes Review – Best of Bespoke

Classy, luxurious, and top of the line are a few way to describe Paul Parkman shoes. We had the privilege of selling his shoes for over a year and there were no other footwear our customers loved more. From the vibrant colours to exotic materials, Paul Parkman stood out like a sore thumb in the best way possible. Treating yourself to a pair will set you back a few hundred dollars or even upwards to $2,000. That’s some serious money to dish out so stick around for our Paul Parkman shoes review.

Who is Paul Parkman?

Headquartered out of Hawthorne, California, Paul Parkman is a Turkish bespoke shoemaker that creates all of their footwear in their Istanbul factory. They specialize in handmade, hand painted men’s dress shoes and accessories such as belts. Originally Paul Parkman focused on English style designs but over time expanded into new collections. They now offer literally hundreds of different shoes that are mouth watering to say the least.

Are their shoes worth it?

If you’ve seen Paul Parkman shoes before or visited their website, you know they can be a bit pricey. Before you take out your credit card though, you need to be confident they’re worth every penny. Lets look at some important points about their footwear:

  • Bespoke: When you order your shoes, they are made from scratch just for you. Everything from the upper to sole is hand painted and you can see the individual paint strokes. This means that even though someone might order the same design, your pair is unique to you and has its own individual character. Every detail is given special attention and they continually perform extensive research to improve their shoes.
  • Materials: Paul Parkman has a very wide range of materials you can choose from. Most of their shoes are made out of very high quality Italian calfskin. Calfskin leather ages better than other kinds, has a softer texture and is more durable. This means that your shoes look better, feel better and last longer. If you want to catch attention, check out their python, ostrich, crocodile, stingray or python leather shoes. Nothing says luxury and wealth more than a beautiful pair of exotic dress shoes.
  • Comfort: Ever had your ankles nipped or toes squeezed by dress shoes? We’ve been there too. If you use Paul Parkman’s sizing guide your feet will be feeling comfortable all day. Smooth leather lining, soft insoles and feet-forming calfskin are icing on the cake.
  • Looks: Want our honest opinion? There are no better looking shoes than Paul Parkman’s. They offer so many colours, designs, and styles that there’s bound to be a few you fall in love with. From classic cap toes and whole cuts to ocean blue ostrich derbys, they have anything imaginable.

For the serious shoe connoisseur, Paul Parkman makes a good choice to add to your collection. While they may cost a pretty penny, you’ll save money in the long run by buying less shoes because of how long each pair lasts.

Shoes we recommend

Paul Parkman brown tassel loafers.

  • Beautiful hand painted brown calfskin leather upper.
  • Contrasting camel brown leather lining.
  • Leather sole.

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Paul Parkman parliament blue derby.

  • Parliament blue & navy hand painted calfskin upper.
  • Navy lining and inner sole to match.
  • Antique burnished natural leather sole.
  • Cap toe and broguing.
  • Versatile shoe you can wear with many outfits.

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Paul Parkman Mens Black Genuine Ostrich Derby Shoes.

  • Black genuine ostrich leather upper.
  • Contrasting bordeaux leather lining.
  • Double leather sole.
  • Leather wrapped laces with two eyelets.

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