How To Style A Wool Blazer For Men

Blazers are a staple in men’s fashion that have ability to be worn formally or casually. They offer a sophisticated and classy look that has tons of versatility. The blazer resembles the iconic suit jacket but with a much more casual demeanor. It originally dates back to the 1800’s when it was first popularized by a boating club in Cambridge, England. Over time the blazer became a fashion piece that no gentleman can live without. Since they come in a variety of materials and designs, we’re going to cover how to style wool blazers specifically.

What Pants To Wear With A Wool Blazer

Since blazers are typically more suited for casual attire, our other clothing should reflect that. For pants you can’t go wrong with a good pair of chinos or jeans. Remember that it is key that you get a good fit and stick to a colour scheme. With a wool blazer we can easily get that age old ‘professor’ look.

Chino pants can have a bit of slack to them so don’t fret if they aren’t super slim. You want them to be comfortable most importantly. Khaki is the golden colour for chinos but olive, navy, and brown should never be overlooked.

You could definitely argue that nothing looks better than a blazer and a pair of jeans. It a very simple and seductive style any man can pull off. A classic blue pair of jeans with proper fitting is all you need. Gray, black, and white jeans can also be worn if you style it correctly.

What Shirts To Wear With A Wool Blazer

What you should wear under your blazer isn’t over complicated as we have a few viable options. The first is a t-shirt which preferably has a v-neck design. They tend to look the best under these style of jackets but o-necks can work just as well. Get one in cotton or linen that hugs your body but isn’t overly tight so you can take off your jacket at times and show off those biceps. White, gray, and black are colours to consider.

Of course we couldn’t cover what shirts to wear with your blazer without mentioning the staple oxford dress shirt. White will match any ensemble you put together but you can definitely mesh in some colour especially with the summer around the corner. Dress shirts shouldn’t be bulgy and loose but rather should lightly hug your body with a good sleeve length that ends on the wrist. Leave a button or two undone and you’ll be looking like Brad Pitt in no time.

What Shoes To Wear With A Wool Blazer

Specifically with a wool blazer we’ll always want to stick with some form of dress shoe. If you truly insist on wearing a sneaker, keep it to a minimalist white low top. A large majority of the time it’s best to be sporting oxfords, derbys, monkstraps, loafers, or boots. Brown or black in a quality leather our suede will be your go to.