Whiskey Review – Drake’s Virginia Black

Being from close to Toronto, I love everything that comes out of the city. Music, food, you name it. So, when I first heard about Virginia Black, I was naturally excited. Being a big fan of Drake made me want to try it even more.

My first experience with this whiskey happened a bit randomly though. I was on a business trip to Toronto and in the evening, I settled down at a bar with a business partner and good friend. It was dim lit and the seats were made of red velvet. It felt super classy. He suggested we try Virginia Black since it was on the menu and brand new at the time. I agreed and we ordered both of ours on the rocks.

My initial impression was good. It was easy to drink and had a pleasant aroma. After that, I didn’t come across Virginia Black for many months until that same friend gifted me a bottle. That is what inspired this review.

Virginia Black Whiskey Review

Drake partnered up with the founder of DeLeón Tequila, Brent Hocking to make this whiskey. 1,779 bottles were sold in a single day when this liquor was released at LCBO’s across Ontario. At $49.95 a bottle, Aubrey probably gets some nice royalty checks in the mail.


The Virginia Black case and bottle is very sleek. The case is matte black with holes on the top, front and, back to show off the gold accents of the bottle inside. I’ve heard some people joke that the bottle looks like a giant cologne or perfume. I can’t lie, it kind of does. But initially taking it out of the case, I was impressed.

A common critique is that the gold plastic seems a tad cheap. I don’t think it’s all that bad but metal would’ve been a nice touch for the price.

The whiskey itself has a rich amber color. Think of dark orange leaves during the fall.


Every time I open up Virginia Black, I have to give the scent a few takes. It has a soft, smooth, almost floral aroma with hints of maple. It’s very pleasing. For 40% alcohol, you’d be expecting something a bit strong but I found it to be the opposite.


I’ve always had this whiskey neat or on the rocks. LCBO classifies it as medium and sweet. They’re spot on. It has notes of caramel, vanilla, cinnamon with a touch of smokiness on the finish. It’s very easy to drink and leaves little to no burn.

Virginia Black Verdict

If I had to give Virginia Black a rating out of 10, I’d give it a solid 8. Note, I’m no where near a real whiskey connoisseur. I’m just a guy that enjoys a nice wine or liquor on occasion. Overall though? The taste and aroma is very pleasant and the presentation is good. Not much to complain about here. If you’re looking to try something new, I’d definitely recommend it.

Featured image credit: BlogTO